The Sarcophagi of Karajia belonged to the Archaeological Complex of Chipuric within the Chachapoya Culture (1100 to 1300 AD). Located 48 km northeast of the city of Chachapoyas (2 hours by car and 20 minutes on foot). They are pre-Inca tombs, nestled on top of a cliff. They are 2 meters high, are molded in clay and decorated with geometric motifs. They are an original form of burial since it appears in groups of 4 to 8 and they are located on cliffs, they are laterally joined and reclined with their backs to the rock of the cave. It is interesting to note that the sarcophagi consist of two parts: head and busts, molded in clay and decorated with geometric motifs, these sarcophagi are also called Purumachos.